9 June ~ 25 June 2011

Location : FOZ-gebouw

Gustav Mahlerlaan 300

1082 ME Amsterdam

Juliette’s ”Everyday Growing” collection is during the Holland Festival in a special way part of the Before I Sleep show directed by Tristan Sharps.

Outside you see an office block in the business discrict of Amsterdam. Inside you find a world where the new comes crashing down on the old, and the future is anything but clear. A world created by the English company dreamthinkspeak. Artistic director Tristan Sharps’ mix of film and live performance was based on Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard. The old servant Firs is the only one still wandering about, adrift in time, looking for a place to rest. He leads us from the Old Russia to a mecca for the new millennium, a journey spanning hundred years and covering fifty four thousand square feet of floor space, which makes you realise what it means to feel a stranger in your own world.