‘Matter of Time’

Dutch Invertuals are merged individuals who work together and use their specific qualities to realize a multidisciplinary exhibition. This results into the twisted, upside down world of Dutch Invertuals.

This exhibition shows new work based on medieval oak wood; wood which over 600 years ago served as the foundation for the Eindhoven city entrance. Through experiments and research, the Invertuals have translated the value and symbolism of the wood into contemporary design projects. Especially the concept of time and the characteristics of the material are used as a source of inspiration.

Levend oud eiken

Oak wood that has been tucked away in our groundwater for 600 years comes to live the moment archaeologists excavate it. From that moment it is up to us to preserve the wood or let it rot. This living or not living from the oak wood is visualised and made presentable by Juliette.

Description of individual works: 600 years old wooden infusion system, microscope, incubator culture system, wood samples

12 February ~ 15 May 2011

Exhibition > Matter of Time

Designhuis Eindhoven
Stadhuisplein 3
5611 EM Eindhoven

Dutch Invertuals: Carolina Wilcke, Daphna Isaacs & Laurens Manders, Edhv, Juliette Warmenhoven, Julien Carretero, Max Lipsey, Mieke Meijer, Raw Color.

Initiated and curated by Wendy Plomp

Photography by Bart Hess