1 July ~ 31 August 2010

Exhibition at Fitting Forward in Hamburg a Storytelling art and design shop / gallery.

Mountain Up – Peakgrooving and Alpdoodling

Welcome all you alp-enthusiasts, nature lovers and trashtraditionalists. You, who are searching for lodging, wanderings and the rustic, cosy New. We find ourselves in the black mountain-massif of Fitting Forward.

Breathe in – Breathe out. To the left at the horizon breathtaking clothes-mountains are forming a panorama, in front of us drawn trailblazing glacier moraines, to the right a fairytale forest built from products and below us a sparkling lake out of accessories embedded in an adventurous-tour made from illustrations by Antonia Kühn (Hamburg). Breathe in – Breathe out. Hot is the air, the sun and the meadows. Blue are the unreachable mountains.

Participants; Frost Birgens – Copenhagen, MakinJanMa – London, Daydream Nation – Hongkong, Anntian – Berlin, Krickel-la-krackel – Berlin, Froeken Stjernestoev – Berlin, Bitten Stetter – Hamburg, Jutta Südbeck – Berlin, Martine Viergever – Rotterdam, Calourette – Paris, Donna Wilson – London, Aufschnitt – Berlin, Denise Locher – Switzerland.

Roomillustrations by Antonia Kühn – Hamburg