The Everyday Growing collection is a series of exhibition objects to show organic growing. This collection brings a great diversity of growth forms on screen. which include aesthetic beauty, a renewed look at the houseplant, daily development, poetry, interaction with nature and coherence of nature and culture plays a role.

Day-to-day Nr1 as Nr2 are both incubators to let grow up the very first launch of a new plant. A process of germinating seeds and cuttings rooted in water. Something we are regular pass by without any attention. These items allow you to a witness of a poetic way of daily growth development that anatomically can be observed and admired.

The Potato Music box is a completely handmade music box that reveals its aesthetic elegance and delicate beauty. It gives back the original thoughts of showing the hidden beauty of a sprouting potato. The potato as a consumption article is usually constrained and therefore not allowed to shoot. Shooting potatoes are generally seen as tainted. This music box invites the audience to renew their way of looking at this supposingly well know object. Namely the potato. It will bring a twinkle to their eyes.

The “Pearl cord” a string of pearls used as is an ornament for at home. This object provides in a particularly elegant way attention to the organic grow and shows the value of the climber in this showpiece. By its beautiful detailing of green branches, which are nimble enough are to twirl around thin wires and to conduct the way upwards through the pearls cord.

An incubator which shows the beauty and importance of life and growth. By doing so the incubator symbolises astonishment, perishableness, protection, vulnerability and the manipulative state of the life inside. The life inside the incubator is being cherished but also kept at a distance by the protective atmosphere. The earth in which the plant grows is being fed by an IV and the plant is nourished in the ideal atmosphere of the incubator. By lifting the glass bell the bonsai tree can be trimmed, kept little and live on for a long period of time.

Graduation collection 2010 at the ArtEZ academy of art and design in Arnhem.